Fake Enums in AS3

	final public class TargetPlatform
		public static const APPLE_IPA:TargetPlatform = new TargetPlatform("ipa");
		public static const ANDROID_APK:TargetPlatform = new TargetPlatform("apk");
		public static const WINDOWS_AIR:TargetPlatform = new TargetPlatform("air");
		private var _value:String;
		public function TargetPlatform(value:String)
			_value = value;
		public function toString():String
			return _value;

One thought on “Fake Enums in AS3

  1. You need some sort of lock on the constructor to stop anybody created instances of the enum outside of the class. Easiest way is to have a package base class defined inside this file, and have that as a required param in the constructor.

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