How to set scrollbar at left side for List component in Flex ?

1) protected override function updateDisplayList( unscaledWidth:Number, unscaledHeight:Number ):void
	super.updateDisplayList( unscaledWidth, unscaledHeight );

	if( verticalScrollBar && verticalScrollBar.visible )
		verticalScrollBar.x = -verticalScrollBar.width;

2) [HostComponent("spark.components.List")]
<!--- The Scroller component to add scroll bars to the list. -->
	<!-- left/right values are adjusted here to prevent the rolloverColor/selectionColor from overlapping onto the border.  -->
	<s:Scroller left="4" top="10" right="4" bottom="10" id="scroller"
				minViewportInset="1" hasFocusableChildren="false" layoutDirection="rtl">
		<!--- @copy spark.components.SkinnableDataContainer#dataGroup -->
		<s:DataGroup id="dataGroup" itemRenderer="spark.skins.spark.DefaultItemRenderer" layoutDirection="ltr" >
				<!--- The default layout is vertical and measures at least for 5 rows.
				When switching to a different layout, HorizontalLayout for example,
				make sure to adjust the minWidth, minHeihgt sizes of the skin -->
				<s:VerticalLayout gap="0" horizontalAlign="contentJustify" requestedMinRowCount="5" />


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