Flex/Flash Builder Shortcut keys Collections

Preference ==> General->Editor->Quick Diff -> For SVN Changes

Ctrl+I ==> To indentation selected line

Ctrl-L to navigate to a line number.

Highlight a method & hit Ctrl-Shift-G to see all references to the method.

Ctrl+Space Word completion.

Ctrl+D  Deletes a selected line(s) of code.

Alt+Arrow Up/Down Moves a selected line(s) of code either up or down one line. Much better than constant cut/paste.

Ctrl+Alt+Arrow Up/Down ==> Copies a selected line(s) of code, pastes immediately above(up) or below(down) the selected line(s) of code. Much better than constant copy/paste.

Ctrl+Shift+F ==> Check out Flex Formatting for best Results! Formats your code.

Ctrl+L ==> Go straight to a particular line in a file.

Ctrl+B ==> Builds the applcation.

Ctrl+Shift+D ==> Generate Comments (great for ASDocs).

Ctrl+Shift+C ==> Toggle comment out selected code.

Ctrl+Shift+W ==> Close all open windows.

Ctrl + Arrow Left/Right ==> Move an entire word.

Ctrl+Y ==> Redo the last action that was undone.

Ctrl+Shift+Y ==> Lowercase selected word.

Ctrl+Shift+X==> Uppercase selected word.

Ctrl-Shift-T to open “types” (ie. classes)

Ctrl+Shift+R ==> Open resource.(ie. files)

Ctrl+O ==> Show inherited members.

Ctrl+H ==> Loads search box.

Ctrl+Shift+C ==> Comments a block of code.

Ctrl+D ==> Delete a line.

Ctrl+E ==> Menu for opened files.

F4. ==>Shows class hierarchy.

F3 and Ctrl+Left Mouse Click ==> Shows declaration.

F5, F6, F7, F8. In debug mode.

F5 – Step Into. When you are debugging an application and you come across a function call, F5 will step into that function and proceed from there.
F6 – Step. This allow you to debug line by line. However, this will not step into any functions.
F7 – Step out. If you are debugging in a function and you want to step out of it to where the function was called, this is what is used.
F8 – Skip to next breakpoint. If there arent any other break points to high, you will be just running the application until your application hits another breakpoint, taking you back into debug mode.

Alt+leftarrow or Alt+rightarrow. Jump back to a line, Jump forward to a line.

Ctrl+Shift+L. Displays all shortcuts.

Alt+Shift+B. Show in breadcrumb.

Ctrl+T Shows quick class hierarchy.

Ctrl + j = search as you type. At first it won’t seem that anythings happening. But just type something and you’ll start searching. Hit ESC to cancel.

Please follow for more details


6 thoughts on “Flex/Flash Builder Shortcut keys Collections

  1. Selva Priya says:

    Your blog is very useful for me. I learnt more programs from your blog. I inspired by seeing your blog. Thank you.

  2. mitch says:

    The class hierarchy keys are not working for me. I’m using Flash Builder 4 on a Mac. Stand-alone, not the Eclipse plugin.

  3. Guru Vardhan says:

    Ctrl+T does not work. Do we need a seperate plugin? In which version of Flash builder does this work?

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