Keep in Mind When develop Flex Project

In a project (flex) design can be good take a minute to think about requirements and the needs for a fine development and running. There is a list with important issues you must keep in mind:

* Efficiency
o Pagination
o Modularization (Modules) and scalability (RSL)
o Memory management, loading and performance test (Data Services Stress Testing Framework)
o Team development frameworks (as Cairngorm, PureMVC, Mate o Swiz)
o Automatic building (Flexmojos)
* Quality
o Code Quality (FlexPMD)
o Testing (FlexUnit, FlexMonkey)
o Exception Handling
* Funcionality
o CRUD system
o Localization (static, dynamic and in components)
o Validation and error messaging
o Accesibility and Usability
o Compatibility
o User system notification: alerts (Flex Notification, FlexGrowl), blocking alerts, mail, sms, etc.
o Design and layout: icons, graphics, element position (relative or absolute)
o Documentation and help
o Security: Autentication, authorization (permissions and roles)
o Reports (printing)


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